Chancellor’s Citation

Photo: the Chancellor's Citation awardThe Chancellor’s Citation is awarded to African American and Latino alumni in recognition of significant civic or career achievements. The citation is presented during the Saturday Night Dinner of CBT. Chancellor Melvin Eggers awarded the first citation to L. Ross Love ’68 in 1983. Love had a 28-year career at Procter & Gamble, serving the last 10 years as vice president of advertising. He was also a director of the Ohio National Fund, Inc.

About the Award

Recreating African art forms is a way of life for David MacDonald, emeritus professor of studio arts.

In the Chancellor’s Citation Commemorative Plate, an Egyptian pyramidal motif is present. Inspired by a piece of Yoruba pottery, MacDonald adapted similar designs for the ceramic plate. It features a vertical and a horizontal plane with a series of six triangles of increasing size and height. The colors are earth tones and pale blues with glazed highlights.

“The plate has a certain dynamic,” says MacDonald. “I like to work with abstract geometric patterns. The upward thrust of the triangles has a certain energy and power. It symbolizes the upward mobility of our people.”

MacDonald joined the SU faculty in 1971. He earned a bachelor’s degree in art education with honors from Hampton Institute (now Hampton University) in Virginia, where he studied with the noted African American ceramics teacher Joseph Gillard. He received a master of fine arts degree from the University of Michigan.